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Demelza Kooij, Still from The Breeder (2017). Courtesy of the Artist.

Film Night: Cats in The Cradle


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Tickets no longer available.

Join FACT for an evening of specially selected short films and documentaries looking at feline behaviour - domestic and wild - reflecting on the themes in exhibition And Say the Animal Responded?

Silly Symphonies: The Cat’s Out, 1931 (dir. Wilfred Jackson), 7 min

Part of Walt Disney’s ‘Silly Symphonies’ series, this black and white cartoon follows a day in the life of a chirpy and mischievous tom cat as he slopes around the backstreets of town.

The Private Life of a Cat, 1946 (dir. Alexandr Hackenschmied, Maya Deren) 22 mins

Follow the intimate life of a domestic cat as she searches for the perfect place to birth her kittens. This documentary has no audio and instead a score will accompany the film.

The Breeder, 2017 (dir. Demelza Kooij) 12 mins

The Breeder is a documentary which tells the story of a scientist who uses genetic modification to design custom-made pets. These super-cute creatures melt hearts worldwide, but there is a dark side to these irresistible big eyed, balls of fluff.

Lil Bub & Friendz, 2013 (dir. Andy Capper, Juliette Eisner) 1hr4min

This feature length documentary film follows the life of ‘Insta-famous’ cat Lil Bub and her doting owner Mike Bridavsky as they visit other ‘cat-lebrities’ in the run up to the first Internet Cat Video Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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