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Summer Social: Aurora & Arrival City at Toxteth Town Hall, July 2018. Photo by Brian Roberts.

Educators' Event

Aimed at educators and those interested in participatory arts practices, this event includes a tour of exhibition On the other side and a short presentation on the participatory work we do.

88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ
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Booking essential — Free

Our Learning team invites you to join them for a presentation on their experiences of working with artists and participants, producing artwork within the context of the Justice System, and showcasing participatory projects in a gallery.

The team will lead a tour of exhibition On the other side (on display from 1 March - 2 June 2024), which includes new commissions by artists Melanie Crean and Katrina Palmer. They’ll discuss these works in greater depth, alongside Resolution - a multi-year project to explore how art can affect public attitudes and influence decision-making in the justice system.

Afterwards, there’ll be time for informal discussion, providing an opportunity for you to ask any questions and chat to the team further.

On the Other Side FACT2024. Photography by Rob Battersby


On the other side



Three artists consider the impact of systems of control on those who design them, those who administer them, and those who are subject to their enforcement.

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