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Hidden Voices Performance at FACT at 15

Dementia Arts Live Performance: Hidden Voice

Part of the Spring 2018 season

Demonstrating the vanguard in arts-health, we are delighted to host composer John McHugh and a trio of musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to perform 'Hidden Voice'.

This unique multimedia piece gives a voice to people living with dementia through the melodies of their speech.

Featuring real life testimonies of people living with dementia, family members and carers, McHugh turns the lyrics of everyday life into a powerful and poetic message.

'Hidden Voice' aims to make you think, to raise questions and make you reevaluate your feelings about one of the most important issues of our time.

Professor Alistair Burns, NHS Clinical Director for Dementia

'Hidden Voice' is supported by Music In Mind is a charity to promote the use of music as an aid to public health and wellbeing, learning and creativity. Innovative projects and performances aim to raise awareness around important social issues and give a voice to a cause.

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