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Close and Remote, Zone, 2013.

Close & Remote have remapped Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker onto Bidston Moss: a landfill site on the Wirral, which now serves as a nature reserve. Tarkovsky's seminal film (inspired by 1971 science fiction novel Roadside Picnic) describes a journey into 'The Zone', a place where individual desires can be realised.

The artists will invite a series of visitors to join them on a trip to the Zone, where they will be able to connect with their thoughts and desires. The artwork explores the way in which we now move through space and time as social media agents, roving, recording and then seeking attention.

You are invited to explore the 'episodic' unfolding of the work through the sound and video presented here, and to visit the Zone yourself and record your thoughts on Trip Advisor. The work will consequently grow to encompass video and sound from each visit over the course of the exhibition and will subsequently be shown in Bidston.

This is a new commission for FACT, and the world premiere of the piece. This work has been commissioned by Mersey Forest.