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David Rokeby, Watch, 1995 - 2003. Installation view at FACT.

Footage from a surveillance camera, placed on the roof of our building, was analysed in real time by the computer; elements of stillness and motion are then separated into two images presented side by side. Watch was the first in a series of surveillance installations that 'look' at reality and offer us a different reading from the logical idea of reality that we have socially learnt.

"One of my professors told us one day that we would be looking out a window for the whole three-hour class. I was incensed... I stood at my assigned window and glared out through the pane. I saw cars, two buildings, a person on the street. Another person, another car. This was stupid! For 15 minutes I fumed, and muttered to myself. Then I started to notice things. The flow of traffic down the street was like a river, each car seemingly drawn along by the next, connected. The blinds in each of the windows of the facing building were each a slightly different colour. The shadow of a maple tree in the wind shifted shape like some giant amoeba. For the remaining hours of the class I was electrified by the scene outside. After 15 minutes, the 'names' had started separating from the objects."

Commissioned for the Info-Art show, KwangJu Biennale 1996