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Oliver Laric, Versions, 2010. Photo by Brain Slater.

In 2008, during a period of heightened awareness about provocative Iranian missile testing, an image of a multiple missile launch was released by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Following publication by Western media, the image was revealed to have been Photoshopped - where four missiles were shown, two had obvious identical features in the smoke formation around them: the product of a digital 'copy and paste'.

Days later, the undoctored image was released, showing only three missiles - the fourth had perhaps been added to increase the picture's threatening impact. The photo gaffe rapidly spread on the internet, where users made their own version of the image with its Photoshop doctoring made even more apparent. Forty missiles instead of four, missiles pointing in the wrong direction, or the addition of robots all revealed the obvious and over-the-top nature of the original attempt.

In Versions, Laric takes some of these images and employs an airbrush artist to reproduce them.