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Ryochi Kurokawa, unfold.mod, 2015. Photo by Brian Slater.


Inspired by the latest discoveries in the field of astrophysics, unfold, seeks to translate into various outputs (sound, visuals, images, movement), the phenomena surrounding the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies.

unfold.mod explores the raw data taken from space observation through a series of audio interpretations and code-based findings, alongside both scientific and artistic images. These modules illustrate the methods which exist across unfold: taking data and visualisations from astrophysics and creating artistic interpretations of their finding by applying the same scientific logic, processes and methodologies as the scientists themselves.

unfold is co-commissioned by FACT, Stereolux and University of Salford Art Collection, with the support of CEA Irfu - Paris Saclay, Arcadi and DICRéAM.

Concept, direction, composition, programming, design: Ryoichi Kurokawa. Programming: Hiroshi Matoba. Scientific Advisor: Vincent Minier, astrophysicist at CEA Irfu, Paris-Saclay. Scientific Datasets: CEA (Herschel HOBYS, COAST, Frédéric Bournaud, Sacha Brun, Pascal Tremblin, Patrick Hennebelle, Rémi Hosseini-Kazeroni), ESA, NASA, BLAST Experiment, SuperCOSMOS H-alpha Survey. Producer: Nicolas Wierinck (White Circle). Produced by Studio Ryoichi Kurokawa.