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Two Leprechauns (2007)

In Two Leprechauns we find Crowe and Rawlinson dressed as the stereotypical character of Irish - and also contemporary American - folklore: the Leprechaun. The camera cuts between the two as they exchange a series of common Hebrew and Arabic greetings such as "Shalom" (Peace) and "Keyfahalakah?" (How are you?). The exchange continues ad infinitum but the conversation never develops into a true dialogue, and the sense of the absurd is heightened by the use of shrill voices and thick 'Oirish' accents.

This comic set-up is undercut with the evocation of a stubborn belligerence which has become the defining feature of conflict in the Middle East. As the artists point out - the one place on earth where you are likely to encounter people with a command of both Hebrew and Arabic is in Israel/Palestine.