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Zane Berzina, Touch Me, 2005 - 2009. Installation view at FACT.

Touch Me (2005 - 2009)

A corridor painted in different shades of thermochromic inks realises the aim of Zane Berzina's work to create environments based on the functionality of the human skin. The sensory installation in our foyer responds differently to a variety of skin temperatures, each with its own physiological meaning.

The Touch Me walls also refer to the skin as the interface through which we confirm the reality perceived through the other senses. Touch and vision allow for the manifestation and appreciation of numerous physical, emotional states and alterations. The artist's contribution to sk-interfaces can also be 'felt' on the design of the publication that accompanies and complements the exhibition.

Zane Berzina is a designer and researcher who focuses on responsive and interactive textiles, new materials, biomimetics, and skin as an 'intelligent interface'.