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April Lin The Earthly Realm is Out of Balance No Text

Custom-built chatbot

The Earthly Realm is Out of Balance is a research-driven, choose-your-own-adventure game featuring a custom-built chatbot that needs your help. By texting with the chatbot, you are conversing with ‘The Interface’, an otherworldly guardian who tends to a cosmic library, called The Hall of Understandings. The purpose of this imagined knowledge centre is to bring together different perspectives, practices, and provocations on ancestry.

Due to lack of use, the library has fallen into disrepair: the ecological, political, and spiritual consequences of which are becoming harder and harder to reverse. By contributing your reflections on ancestry, or exploring existing extracts from The Hall of Understandings, you help The Interface, and the library, to rebuild.

With your participation, The Earthly Realm is Out of Balance can become an archive which is premised on a healing, collective, and nuanced discussion around belonging, whilst also reflecting the intergenerational web of connections of which we are all part.

Scan the QR code to speak with The Interface on Whatsapp.

April Lin 林森 The Earthly Realm Is Out of Balance 2022 Installation view at FACT Liverpool Photo by Rob Battersby SOCIAL 8
April Lin 林森, The Earthly Realm Is Out of Balance (2022). Installation view at FACT Liverpool. Photo by Rob Battersby

Lead Programmer: Yank Scally

Voice of The Interface: Jessica Murrain

Map Designer: Iago Pedreira

Music: Eurodyke

Sound: I. Nakhla

Research assistant: Jialin Hong

Supporting Programmer: nil00

Interviewees: Amina Atiq, John Tien-Chi Wardle, Talulla Ho, Valeria Radchenko