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Amy Worsley, The Chakra Chair, 2016. Photo by Stephen King.

The Chakra Chair (2016)

New work by Amy Worsley (UK), Fine Art student from Liverpool Hope University and winner of the 2016 FACT+Liverpool Hope Production Residency Award, will also be on display. Using the exhibition as a starting point, Worsley has worked with a scientist and a Reiki healer to develop The Chakra Chair, which uses vibrations to mimic the healing powers of touch. The project asks how scientific ‘approval’ affects our opinion of what could be considered a spiritual belief, highlighting the relationship between science and wellbeing.

Worsley works in a methodical way in developing awareness of the human conditioning, with previous works touching upon psychological aspects of placement in space, time and memories which play a fundamental part in our existence. Creating a foundation in this field of research has allowed her to explore the ideas surrounding wellbeing, particularly ‘hands on therapy’. In using knowledge on vibrational atoms, electromagnetic fields, Worsley demonstrates a possibility of supporting the types of therapies such as Reiki with a scientific understanding, and questions whether we require scientific certification to belief in something that is considered spiritual belief.

Worsley is based in Liverpool, and a member of the Liverpool Art Collective who engages in exhibitions and workshops in the city.