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Nina Edge, Ten Intentions, 2013.

Ten Intentions (2013)

As a maker and activist, Edge habitually turns things inside out to find out how they’re made. Ten Intentions is a communications experiment designed to discover what people will say to a robot that turns talking into writing. The work uses Apple’s voice recognition technology, Siri, which allows writing to be produced at the speed of thought. It also ‘mishears’ speech, producing misunderstandings.

Throughout the 13 week experiment, conversations and ideas on what the future will look like will develop in a special tent in our Learning Space, created by visitors, online at and at venues across Liverpool.

The tent provides a place to sit and discuss the subjects covered in the work and points to a future where tent dwelling will increase as climate and political change force people out of solid structures and into temporary shelters.

A new commission produced with assistance from Creative Technologist, Mark Jones.