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AVPD, Stalker, 2008. Photo by Brian Slater.

Stalker (2008)

In this performative and physically disorienting installation you chase your own image from behind, as four connected corridors with mirrors placed at each corner provide an endless 360o reflection from each angle. AVPD's installation makes visitors become their own 'stalkers', seemingly chasing the moment when they will face themselves in the mirror. Employing one of the oldest image technologies, Stalker echoes the hall of mirrors, the immersive funfair experience of centuries past. Collapsing the ordinary perception of body, space and time through the virtual reality of the mirrors, AVPD also point to the clinical maze of the computer game. Each corridor being virtually identical to the others, the lack of visually detectable differences makes it hard for us to see and memorise where we've been, and thus to orient ourselves.