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Ai Hasegawa Impossible Baby Case 01 Asako Moriga 2015 Shared Baby 20112019 Image by Rob Battersby Installation view at FACT 2

Shared Baby (2011/2019)

Combining her interests in biotechnology and design solutions, Ai Hasagawa’s speculative design works consider the ‘traditional’ family unit, and how genetic research and the desire to discover new models of caregiving and child-rearing affect the possibilities for building families or communities. Using computer-generated imagery, photography, and design, the works aim to stimulate discussions about the social, cultural and ethical possibilities of alternative kinship and communal care.

Shared Baby explores our beliefs in family and relationship structures, such as monogamy and kinship, and the possibilities that emerge as society and technology evolve. As society moves towards the use of sharing economy systems, such as with cars, co-working and co-living spaces, the project imagines the possibility of children and kinship generated from multiple genetic parents.

Starring: Ozawa Ibuki, Chen Dominick, Tsukada Arina, Kamijoh Yuya, Wada Natsumi

撮影・編集:Filmed and edited by: Asato Sakamoto

Interviewee: Ozawa Ibuki, Yashiro Yoshimi, Otsuga Kumiko, Kagawa Noriko, Wada Mikihiko

撮影協力 : Ryozan Park 巣鴨

Production Support: Aisaka Yuri, Egawa Midori, Fumiaki Takato, Takezawa Noritake, Okubo Takayuki