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Me_Me Collective, Sedimentary Timeline, 2013.

Sedimentary Timeline (2013)

For Turning FACT Inside Out, we invited artists and designers from across the North West to create a unique way of visualising our ten year history to display on The Wall outside Gallery 2.

Liverpool based Me_Me Collective were selected to produce a timeline of the last ten years of exhibitions, collaborations and external technological landmarks which have influenced our programme.

Sedimentary Timeline features some of the key moments from our first decade on Wood Street including our first ever exhibition with Isaac Julien, Liverpool’s Capital of Culture Year and our huge variety of engagement projects.

‘Sedimentary’ describes the layers of events and information that build up over time. The physical layering of the elements represents the mix of cultural, personal and world events in our history. The scale of different types of information means that the focus of the piece changes as you draw closer to the wall.