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GLOR1A Orun-rere  - Swarm Prototype 4 (2022)

Orun-rere - Swarm Prototype 4 (2022)

by  GLOR1A

part of  GLOR1A

Online, Game

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GLOR1A is a boundary-defying RNB/pop artist exploring black futurism and sci-fi through emotive music, technology laced art and intoxicating live performances. She develops dream state worlds for audiences to explore, bridging the gap between music, art, performance and technology.

SWARM, built by GLOR1A and games designer alpha_rats, is a social experiment: a radical reprogramming of the senses to remove binary thinking from sight and listening. A game where communication directly affects the environment, our bodies and our future.

It’s 2054, the world is under attack, and humans have entered into a cryo-sleep state, uploading their consciousness to the cloud to start a new digital existence. However, old vulnerabilities are hard-wired into their subconscious thoughts. To develop a new civilisation they need to start at the very beginning: challenging preconceptions of what is ‘alien’, and building a universal language for each to understand.

Click here to play (the game is best played on Google Chrome).

Each player is part of SWARM: we are connected despite being worlds apart. Audience inputs into SWARM Orun Rere will create a star constellation housed in the observatory creating an archive of feelings in 2022. How will you play?

Please be aware this game contains CGI images of nudity.