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Mark Boulos, No Permanent Address, 2010.

No Permanent Address (2010)

No Permanent Address was made during the eight weeks Mark Boulos spent in the Philippine jungle with two squads of the New People’s Army (NPA); a group categorized as terrorists in Europe and the US.

The resulting three-channel film presents a complex narrative, allowing personalities and philosophies to come to the fore and emphasising the unexpected aspects of love and idealism that drive the group.

In the documentation of his time in the Philippines, Boulos is able to explore his own standpoint as a Marxist filmmaker and allow the NPA not to be seen as victims or aggressors, but to analyse them (and his own beliefs) from a sociological and philosophical standpoint.

The triptych-like presentation of this work further removes the film from the realm of reportage into an immersive, aesthetic experience which also analyses the philosophical standpoint of the filmmaker. The reproduction of similar images, moments apart, acts as a reminder that reality is fragmented and unclear, addressing the problematic genre of documentary.