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Phoebe Collings James Mother Tongue Mother Master 2018 Image courtesy of the artist

Mother Tongue, Mother Master (2018)

Phoebe Collings-James’ work explores the poetics and emotional debris of violence, language, and desire, through the mediums of ceramics, video and sound.

For you feel me_, she brings together three works that suggest familiar symbols and rituals. Mother Tongue, Mother Master, a video of ringing bells on net stretched across the artist’s face, becomes a form of ceremonial accompaniment to the three pieces as a whole - the dissonant reverberation of bells echoing throughout the gallery space.

Collings-James’ work reweaves time: allowing us to reflect on the subconscious implications behind objects, actions, heirlooms and cultures.

Live and Active Gut Cultures or Subaltern Spirit Guides or the Detritus of Devotional Memorabilia was commissioned by FACT. All works courtesy of the artist and Arcadia Missa.