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Mark Titchner, Mina, 2017. Photo by Simon Webb.

Mina (2017)

A flag disclosing the very personal and powerful texts, "I want my dad back", and "Also not to worry about anything", will fly above Hull Central Library.

These incredibly honest words from Mina Lawton (aged 15) are in solid white, set against a contrasting background of floral patterns in Mina’s favourite colour, teal. This artwork encourages compassion and a greater understanding of the complex realities with which humans are faced. It acts as a bold reminder that we are not alone in our experiences of grief and loss.

“Oh my goodness, I love the flag! I feel very pleased and proud of it. The design feels personal and special, as it is more like something I would have picked or made myself."

Mina Lawton, aged 15 from Driffield