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Fact Follow Interior Jo Orr

Marketing, a lifestyle (2015)

by  Joe Orr

part of  Follow


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The title and content of the work Marketing, a lifestyle was taken from the artist’s Instragram bio @joefletcherorr. By referencing his personal online brand so directly, Orr comments on the impact social networking platforms continue to have on artistic production. The work looks at the role that self-branding and marketing savvy play in both personal and professional success, whilst also examining authorship online. After all, in a space where artists can get instant feedback on their work from their followers, they have the potential to shape their work in direct relation to their audience. Here, the work is the brand… Or has the brand become the work?

The style and colour of font has been chosen and painted by Liverpool-based sign-writer, Ken Bullock, based on conversations
between Bullock and Orr leading up to the exhibition. Commissioned by FACT.