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Gina Czarnecki, Lastwish Coffins (MyPods), 2016. Photo by Stephen King.

Lastwish Coffins (MyPods) (2016)

Gina Czarnecki complements Heirloom and its promises of extended youth in Lastwish Coffins (MyPods), an artist-devised innovative challenge to the funeral industry and comment on our relationship with out eco-system. Lastwish Coffins (MyPods) are the most carbon-neutral coffin available, and have been designed to help provide a more sustainable and personal way of celebrating end of life in a biodegradable material that has been designed for both cremation and burial. Designed to empower people at their most vulnerable, people can personalise the coffin using photographs, personal messages, tickets and mementos, helping to process grief through art, design and remembrance.

Supported by Art Council England & the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.