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Manifest.AR, Invisible ARtaffects, 2013.

Invisible ARtaffects (2013)

The six projects commissioned as part of Turning FACT Inside Out exemplify some of the most innovative ways in which AR can be used as an artistic medium.

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to technology that offers a real-time view of one’s immediate surroundings, altered or enhanced by computer-generated information. When users examine their environment through their mobile devices, they see information (text, images, 3D objects) superimposed on the space around them, integrated into physical locations as though it existed in the real world.

Developed in collaboration with the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, several of Manifest.AR’s projects link virtual objects to biological responses by attaching bio-sensing devices to users, taking their physiological signals to create new digital events.

Both AR and bio-sensing technology play a key role in contemporary experiments to generate customised experiences based on physical responses. Manifest.AR’s projects bring AR into the context of the gallery to explore new ways in which we can interact with technologies, not as customers but as critical citizens.