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Jae Rhim Lee Infinity Burial Project 2009 Present

Infinity Burial Project (2009 - Present)

The Infinity Burial Project proposes an alternative, ecologically conscientious form of burial, promoting a more personal engagement with the process of decomposition. Featuring the development of a unique strain of mushroom that decomposes and filters out the toxins in human tissue; the Project encompasses a decomposition ‘kit’; burial suits embedded with decomposition activators; and a membership society devoted to the promotion of death awareness and acceptance and the practice of decompiculture (the cultivation of decomposing organisms).

The visualisation of Lee’s ongoing project here, not only considers how we can lessen our toxic impact on the Earth, but also suggests ways in which Western rituals around death and burial may need to alter if we are to successfully colonize (and act as care-takers for) other planets.

The Infinity Burial Project is funded by the Creative Capital Foundation, the Institüt für Raumexperimente/Universität der Künste Berlin, and the MAK Center for Art + Architecture.