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In Real Life

by  Liz Magic Laser

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In Real Life is a major new commission by American artist Liz Magic Laser, which will be presented at FACT from June 2019 as part of an exhibition which considers how we might better guard ourselves against a rapidly-paced, ever-expanding and increasingly precarious working environment. The exhibition forms part of a year-long programme which has already included residencies, performances and interventions across Liverpool, called The Future World of Work.

Employing gig-workers, whose services can be found and paid for online or via custom-built apps, Laser’s new artwork will look into how the working world is changing beyond recognition, and how these new rhythms and processes affect our sense of self. Studying the behaviours and personalities of a wide variety of gig-workers, Laser will produce a series of videos and an immersive environment within FACT, as well as inviting gallery-visitors and gig-workers alike to a live event in summer.

In Real Life Liz Magic Laser Flyer
In Real Life Liz Magic Laser Flyer
In Real Life Liz Magic Laser Flyer

Around the city, you might see one of the three flyers here. Originally commissioned over Fiverr and Peopleperhour (an online marketplace for freelance services) they adopt strikingly different visual styles inspired by corporate visual language, aiming to appeal to different sectors. These flyers ask gig-workers from every sector -from graphic designers and life-coaches, to psychics and telemarketers- to get involved in making an experimental ‘webisode series’ which will develop into the final installation to be premiered at FACT in June 2019

To find out more about how you can participate in this project, please email us at

In Real Life has been developed for The Future World of Work at FACT with support from Liverpool City Council, Culture Liverpool and the University of Liverpool and is part of the Liverpool 2018 programme.