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Still of Zahid Iqbal/thelancersinc, graphic designer on Fiverr, Pakistan. From Liz Magic Laser, In Real Life (2019). Courtesy of the artist. Various Small Fires (Los Angeles), Wilfried Lentz (Rotterdam).

mIn Real Life (2019)

In Real Life (2019) by Liz Magic Laser highlights the experiences of five freelancers, who rely on work they find through online platforms and apps such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork and Fiverr.

Developed as an experimental reality show, each episode follows one of the five gig-worker cast members. They are seen taking part in a professional development and tech-savvy self-care programme, designed by Liz Magic Laser in collaboration with a life coach and a spiritual advisor - both of whom also function in the online gig-economy.

We witness their personal journeys of discovery and self-care, as they follow a training programme consisting of “biohacking” tools which use technology and cutting-edge research to improve their quality of life and work.

Alabi Adebayo Akintunde (nollygfx on Upwork), Zahid Iqbal (thelancersinc on Fiverr), Cardy O'Donnell (PeoplePerHour), Nikki (PeoplePerHour), Kiki Wong (K1wngg on Fiverr), Count Marco (Fiverr and PsychicMix), Louise Papadopoullos (Mind Body Design), Video Producer: David E. Guinan, Edited by: Laura Geisswiller, Trailer Editor / Assistant Editor: Jonathan Turton, Producer: Charlotte Horn, Written by: Liz Magic Laser, Cardy O'Donnell, Vanessa Thill, Whiteboard Animator: Alabi Adebayo Akintunde, Graphic Design: Zahid Iqbal, Voiceover Artist: Kiki Wong, Social Media Content Creator: Nikki, Researcher: Vanessa Thill, Research Assistant: Penelope Pardo, Motion Graphics: Patrick Bate, Frostmotion, Graphicsplayer, David Guinan, Yoshi Sodeoka, Jonathan Turton, 3D Animation: David Guinan, Sound Designer and Sound Re-recording mixer: Chris Liang, Technical Advisor: Mark Murphy, Additional Music by: Chris Liang and Sonnymusic1 (on Fiverr), Additional Animations by: Yoshi Sodeoka, Additional filming by: Carl Davies and Maria Ruban, Special Thanks to Maneesh Sethi of Pavlok.

In Real Life was commissioned by FACT as part of The Future World of Work, commissioned by Culture Liverpool as part of the Liverpool 2018 programme. Courtesy of the artist, Various Small Fires (Los Angeles) and Wilfried Lentz (Rotterdam). Supported by the U.S. Embassy London.