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Ai Hasegawa Impossible Baby Case 01 Asako Moriga 2015 Shared Baby 20112019 Image by Rob Battersby Installation view at FACT 2

(Im)possible Baby, Case 01: Asako & Moriga (2015)

Combining her interests in biotechnology and design solutions, Ai Hasagawa’s speculative design works consider the ‘traditional’ family unit, and how genetic research and the desire to discover new models of caregiving and child-rearing affect the possibilities for building families or communities. Using computer-generated imagery, photography, and design, the works aim to stimulate discussions about the social, cultural and ethical possibilities of alternative kinship and communal care.

(Im)possible Baby considers the implications of emerging biotechnologies that could enable same-sex couples to have their own, genetically related children. Recent developments in genetics and stem cell research have made this a closer reality. In this project, the DNA data of a lesbian couple was analysed to simulate and visualise their potential children with fictional “what if” future family photos.

With special thanks to:

Collaborators: Asako Makimura & Moriga

Production Adviser: Sputniko! (MIT Media Lab, Design Fiction Group), Yuki Saito (NHK)

Scientific Advice: Dr.Ryosuke Kimura, Dr.Yoshimi Yashiro

Technical Adviser: Dr.Johan Nystrom

CG, Visual Production: Digital Frontier Inc.

Web Developer: Jacquelyn L Liu

Photographer: Dygoro Sasaki, Rieko Igarashi

Make-up: Anna Sadamori

Assistants: Yena Park, Andrew Saito

Logo Design: Katsuto Tamagawa