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knowbotic research, huwwara _ anybody, looking, 2010. Photo by Brain Slater.

huwwara _ anybody, looking (2010)

huwwara _ anybody, looking is an installation consisting of an audio piece, a single screen computer-animation, and an interactive video projection. The work is based on the re-enactment of video footage, archived on YouTube, of a report from Israeli TV Channel 2 about an interrupted and failed suicide attack by a Palestinian boy on an Israeli checkpoint.

The installation allows the observer, placed in a "third position" to overlook the protagonists - a young suicide bomber and a high-tech military actor. Interjected is an apparently insignificant view of a Palestinian city at night. The display of the computer- animated, re-staged TV scene provides a "narrative of strangeness" - an extension of the demonising imagery used by both sides of the political antagonism in the Middle East.