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Dunne & Raby, Huggable Atomic Mushroom Cloud, 2004 - 2005. Photo by Brain Slater.

Huggable Atomic Mushroom Cloud (2004 - 2005)

The Huggable Atomic Mushroom Cloud by Dunne & Raby are two in a series of stuffed objects in the shape of atomic explosions. A soft and cuddly version of a deadly war weapon, they function as products for coping with irrational fears

Along with other objects in their series Designs for Fragile Personalities in Anxious Times, the artists stress the therapeutic function of the Mushroom Clouds. At the same time, by fixating on them, they act as a reminder of the ever-existing possibility of an atomic war and the complete destruction of the Earth. Especially in times in which the general fear of an atomic war is less present than during the Cold War, the Mushroom Clouds perhaps promote individual paranoia rather than decrease it.