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How much of this is fiction

Gusberti’s work and interest focuses on the relationship between image and imagination: questioning the image as a projection surface, or as a trigger for (or repository of) collective and individual imaginative spaces, be they urbanistic, political or social. By intersecting realities with their imaginary alternatives, and by examining these interstices, Gusberti excavates and exposes the dynamics of a social fabric, driven by the urge to find links between a personal and general social relevance.

How much of this is fiction is an illuminated neon sign. Depending on the context and the time of day, this statement of light can be read and interpreted differently: as a subtitle for its environment, a spatial commentary, a hanging question or an assertion.

Maia Gusberti is participating in How much of this is fiction. with the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.