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Mohamed Bourouissa Horse Day Film Still 2014 15

Mohamed Bourouissa, Horse Day (film still) 2014-15

Inspired by US photographer Martha Camarillo’s photographs of horsemen in Strawberry Mansion, an impoverished Philadelphia neighbourhood, Bourouissa travelled there to see the urban stables. For eight months the artist observed, drew, and photographed the riders. With a strong collaborative sensibility, Bourouissa worked with the community, which led him to Horse Day. The video documents the event and its preparations, and acts as an examination of how society is structured and social processes are activated.

Banquette Bleu by Félix Seguret (France, 1985), and Caleb, bring to the fore the relationship between the horse, car and humans.

Mohamed Bourouissa, Horse Day, 2014–2015, Caleb, 2018, Félix Seguret Banquette bleu, 2017, Courtesy Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris/London.