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In 2015, the popular television series Homeland, were looking for artists to apply ‘realistic’ graffiti to their sets, which were supposed to make the backdrop seem like a Syrian refugee camp. The commissioned artists, The Arabian Street Artists, (three artists and activists) took the opportunity to critique their employer and portray their discontent with the series’ political message by painting satirical and damning phrases in Arabic — such as ‘Homeland is NOT a series’ and ‘Homeland is racist’ — that nobody on the Homeland team seemed to notice.

That is, until an episode that aired worldwide in October was watched by viewers who could read Arabic. Within days, the political prank became an international media sensation. The final documentary -produced in collaboration with Field of Vision (the online filmmaker-driven platform created by Laura Poitras, AJ Schnack and Charlotte Cook)- will be shown, exploring the rationale behind the project.