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Kaarina Kaikkonen, Hanging On To Each Other, 2010. Photo by Brian Slater.

Hanging On To Each Other (2010)

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen creates site-specific installations in both interior and exterior spaces using old pieces of clothing or shoes collected from local donors. The garments carry personal memories of the owner, and with them she makes large-scale architectural forms or sculptures. While the materials she uses represent a common experience of domestic life, they also often allude to the artist's own parents, as she uses her deceased father's jackets as well as her mother's shoes.

In this new project, Kaikkonen collects second-hand clothing from individuals of all ages from around the Liverpool city region, and installs them in FACT's public atrium. The maternal act of doing laundry can be understood as a basic symbol of healing, care and unconditional love - the tender care a mother devotes to washing dirty clothes for her family.