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Edwin Van Der Heide, Evolving Spark Network, 2010 - 2011.

Evolving Spark Network (2010 - 2011)

Edwin van der Heide creates performances and environments alive with the elemental. They immerse the viewer and play with their perception of space.

His Evolving Spark Network consists of a grid of electric sparks that hovers above the whole exhibition space, flashing like stars in the dark winter sky. These sparks act as a metaphor for the electrical impulses by which our nerves communicate information: just like neurons that form links in our body, the spark bridges form an interconnected network.

The three-dimensional nature of the composition engages the visitors and makes them part of the spatial dialogue. The electric discharge produces both sound and light resulting in the distinct visual and sonic qualities of the generated patterns: the unmistakable, brief static flashes of energy. The sonic quality in this spellbinding display unifies and transforms the space and results in an absorbing, multi-sensory experience.

For the artist, the electric spark represents beauty, purity and simplicity and the sound it creates is the shortest one conceivable. Therefore this arranged network of impulses can be seen as an elemental approach to the composition of sound, light and space.

Evolving Spark Network has been realized in the form of a co-production between V2_Lab and Studio Edwin van der Heide.