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Yann Marussich, Blue Remix, 2007. Performance at FACT.

Blue Remix (2007)

Blue Remix is a journey through the skin - an hour-long motionless performance of Yann Marussich in a transparent container. Through thermal regulation and precisely calculated timing, the artist creates a controlled biochemical choreography of methylene blue, which progressively seeps out of all the orifices in his body; from eyes, mouth and nose to eventually the pores in his skin.

The performer's outer immobility draws the spectators' attention towards the contrasting continuous inner movement of the body. Marussich presents universal themes of the body by externalizing the internal, through the permeable membrane of the skin. The sounds have also been taken from the inside of the performer's body and remixed by a local musician for the performance. Yann Marussich has been involved in choreographies and performances since the late 1980's. His work has evolved towards body art, introspection and control of immobility.