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Amnesia Atlas 1

A prototype 3D browser for the viewing of images taken by SenseCam- a wearable, automatic, life-logging camera. The same technology is used by Claire as a memory-aide, and features heavily in the development of Shona Illingworth’s Lesions in the Landscape.

SenseCam photo-sequences have proven to be highly effective memory cues. They provide us with another way to think about how we experience memory, and how we might construct it with the use of new technologies.

Amnesia Atlas explores Sydney Harbour in a very located way. Photographs are placed back into the scenery in the position in which they were taken, using geotagging technology. Similar to our use of social media, the user is able to navigate the harbour through the lens of someone else's memory; seeing (and in some way creating their own memory of) a place as experienced by another.

Amnesia Atlas

Amnesia Atlas

The Amnesia Atlas is part of the Amnesia Lab international research collaboration investigating memory formation and forgetting in relation to technology.