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≈≈aaaaaahmaaaaaa≈≈ (2022)

Rae-Yen Song (UK) works expansively across drawing, sculpture, costume, video, sound, performance and family collaboration to craft a personal visual landscape. Rae-Yen’s practice is informed by autoethnographic exploration: a self-reflective process which places personal experience at the heart of an attempt to understand wider cultural meaning. In a new commission for FACT, the artist offers a glimpse into a world constructed from inherited memories of a distant maternal grandmother. Within the work, a congregation of images, voices and characters join together to form a sanctuary: at once a space of loss and growth, reflection and speculation.

At the heart of the installation sits a piece of stained glass, an allegory of a highly personal family story. Surrounded by a meditative choir of ceramic guardians, a series of drawings serve as a blueprint for the ritual observation of this story.

This snapshot is part of an ongoing archival project for Rae-Yen - a long-term exploration of self-mythology as survival tactic - which connects sculptural practice to the digital realm through a series of portals. The stained glass window is one of these portals and can be activated using augmented reality (AR) when in the gallery.

Ceramics, drawings, stained glass with AR layer, sound (5 mins)

Commissioned by FACT with funds from Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council. With thanks to Michael Barr, Tessa Mackenzie and The Songs.