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Thomson & Craighead, A Short Film about War, 2009. Photo by Brian Slater.

A Short Film About War (2009)

A Short Film About War is a narrative documentary artwork made from information found on the world wide web. In 10 minutes this two screen gallery installation takes viewers around the world to a variety of war zones as seen through the collective eyes of the online photo sharing community Flickr, and as witnessed by a variety of existing military and civilian bloggers.

As this documentary 'film' plays itself out, a second screen logs the origin of images, blog fragments and GPS locations of each element in the work. The same information is simultaneously communicated to the viewer in two parallel formats - on one hand as a dramatised reportage, and on the other hand as a text log.

Here, the artists highlight the way information changes as it is gathered, edited and then mediated through networked communications technologies or broadcast media, and consequently how that process changes and distorts meaning.