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Alyssha Edwards A Problem

Using her personal experience of dyslexia, Edwards interviewed a group of people to ask the question: "does dyslexia define your identity?" The varied responses she received (ranging from ignorance of or indifference to the condition, to the very positive or negative effects it has on people) prompted her to create a way for the public to experience dyslexia in a way that doesn’t involve standardised information such as letters or words.

The resulting work comprises sounds - including clips from her original interviews - triggered by the placement of puzzle pieces on a board, inspired by dyslexic screening tests. Edwards’ intention is to offer some idea of what it's like to learn new tasks from the viewpoint of someone with dyslexia, offering a visual puzzle that can result in several different ‘correct’ outcomes and interpretations.

A Problem was realised and produced in partnership with Liverpool Hope University as part of the 2017 FACT+Liverpool Hope Production Residency Award, with technical support from FACTLab.