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Laurence Payot, 1 in a Million You, 2012 - ongoing.

1 in a Million You (2012 - ongoing)

1 in a Million You challenges the ways in which we use social media for self-representation, and presents a timely interpretation of the art of portraiture in a society of global participation.

Using the ‘word of mouth’ culture of social media, hundreds of strangers anonymously received a tattoo-like mask through the post. The participants recorded their new identity with still and moving images, drawings, and texts, which they then shared online, allowing them to become part of a digitally connected tribe.

This eclectic collection of individual responses has been documented extensively; creating a monumental virtual drawing which spreads across the globe, yet still manages to maintain its personal resonance.

1 In A Million was supported by SkyAcademy Arts Scholarships, in association with IdeasTap.