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Salma Noor

Salma Noor is a multi-disciplinary artist currently producing digital collages and GIFs. Her work uses punchlines and incorporates the compositional qualities of dereliction. She is interested in colour combinations, architectural spaces and black popular culture. She is the founder of the Black Womxn's Conference; she is also a member of the Radical Womxn's DANCE Party and the in house designer. Her prior work consisted of a combination of site-specific installations and small paper compositional exercises that combined fabric, glass headed pins, straws and everyday objects such as packaging. These minimal constructions used colour and space to convey fragility and poeticness. Her work has been exhibited as part of girls girls girls exhibition at PRISM Contemporary and she was a Contributing Designer for Khabar Keslan's fourth issue: Edge. Statement I produce work that plays with various compositions, colour and spatial elements to maintain the viewer’s attention. I invoke a sense of boldness and humour that connects recurring themes such as art trends and the black experience. This is shown subtlety in the site-specific installations and more directly in the visual statements.