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Ivy Kalungi

Resident artist

Ivy Kalungi is a Ugandan- born artist. Her works frequently employ the theme of collective memory, inspired by culture and tradition. Ivy Produces works that explore a variety of media including wood, metal, sound, and video projection which break the boundaries between their distinctive materiality and characteristic.

The work commonly circles the idea of fragmented narratives exploring the past and present, inspired by shared memories derived from her Ugandan and Irish cultural traditions. Ivy Kalungi is interested in people who exist in diaspora, carrying different heritages and histories simultaneously.

Being brought up by African parents and growing up in Belfast, my cultural identity has become hybrid, fusing subconscious memories of Uganda with Northern Ireland. As I get older, I have become interested in how I could make this experience visible, adding both Irish and Ugandan narratives. The complexity of cultural identity is what I aim to represent visually within my work.

Ivy is the recipient of the 2019 HOPE + FACT Graduate Production Residency Award, which offers Liverpool Hope University BA Fine Art Graduates the opportunity to participate in a two-month artist residency at FACT.