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Gjino Šutić

Country: Hungary


Gjino Šutić is a Hungarian biotechnologist, post-modern intermedia artist, innovator & educator. He is the founder and director of Universal Research Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, & Gen0 Industries and conducts research in several fields of science (biotechnology, bioelectronics, experimental electronics, ecological engineering) and postmodern new media art (Bio Art, Digital Art, Installation Art, Hybrid Art). The Universal Research Institute was founded to promote free and independent scientific research and development of innovations – championing DIY cuture, freedom of knowledge and learning. As an inventor and artist, Gjino believes his early inspiration came from experiencing laboratories in cartoons and Disney films. His work has its roots in DIY biohacking or ‘Biotweaking’, which he defines as the act of improving biological organisms on any level, by available means, to exhibit and use to their full potential.