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Chi Po-Hao

Resident artist

Country: Taiwan

Chi Po-Hao is a musician and artist from Taiwan. He holds a Master of Music Degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London and Bachelors Degree in Economics from National Taiwan University. His primary medium is sound, principally involving, but not limited to, live electronic, electroacoustic composition and sound installation. He usually applies self-made tools combined with customized program in performance, exhibition, and educational activity.

Recently he worked toward projects related to the topics of ‘generative music’ and ‘sonification’. The project he is working on at FACT aims to create a musical interface that people can interact with through a web page, exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in the prepared system.

Chi Po Hao 3


Transformed the found object into a musical interface, the dynamic and duration were corresponding to the original levels from the audio input.


The granular synthesis patch cut audio samples into grains and playback with variations in speed, length, interval, transportation.