Graph Commons 1

Sign up for this one day workshop focusing on the design and understanding of the complex networks of work through mapping and visual analysis. During the day we aim to expand thinking about the possibility of the network as a creative medium. Starting from hand drawn simple graph diagrams, participants gradually build complex network models. Emphasis is on network mapping, modelling, relational thinking, protocol authoring, centrality analysis, clustering analysis, and information design. Participants learn the most through observing and extracting networks from their area of interests, collaborative mapping, sketching, and discussing diagrams. 

Graph Commons is used at the workshops for visualization, group collaboration, and further sharing, so bring your laptops!

As space is limited to 15 participants, registration is necessary. To book, please email Sorry if it's full, please follow @graphcommons for future workshop announcements. 

The Creative Networking Workshops and Graph Commons platform have been initiated and developed by Burak Arikan, an Istanbul and New York based artist working with complex networks. Ben Dalton is collaborating with the artist to devise and deliver this workshop at FACT.