Do You Know Your History 3 (1)

Come to FACT and draw a comic!
It can be difficult to remember where you’ve been online and what you did, and browser history only shows you a long chronological list of visited sites. One way many of us make sense of life is to tell stories about it, to ourselves, and the people around us. It's a way of explaining what we do and filtering out the information we don't want or need to remember - only the important things get told in a story. Browser history is made up of text entries, while browsing online is often a visual experience. Graphic novels, cartoon strips, and comics show actions and thoughts in visual sequence, combining text and image in a compelling and dynamic story. A comic version of browser history is a way to start making sense of online life by telling visual stories about it.
Come to FACT on Friday March 7 and Saturday March 8 and draw your own browser history comic with RCA researcher John Fass. If you have a laptop or smartphone bring it along so you can consult your browser history - or you can tell the story from memory. No personal data will be captured and identities will be anonymised. 
No need to book, all are welcome, materials will be provided.