Hidden Deviant Labour 1

14 February / 1pm – 5pm / FREE / Booking required
Over 18’s only due to adult, explicit material

Would you really want your child to grow up to be a politician? Can you imagine what the neighbours might think?

This Valentine’s Day, join us for a workshop which explores the darker side of work. In an age where social media and sites like LinkedIn make work more visible than ever, it sometimes feels like everyone’s job title is on display for the world to see. But there are still lots of types of work which are hidden, socially unacceptable, or both.

In an age of austerity and zero-hours contracts, can we afford to be picky about the work we take, or does the reputation of our job title matter now more than ever? And are certain jobs – and the people who do them – more likely to be invisible than others?

In this workshop we will discuss and debate why some types of work are more hidden than others, from factory workers to secret agents; and map out the ways in which certain jobs can be seen as deviant, and in what ways.

To take part in this free workshop, please book a ticket through eventbrite.