Bido Lito 1

Determining the monetary value of music has long been a contentious issue, something exacerbated by the transitory view of music ownership in today’s world. Similarly with live performance, the line between bands providing a service and being provided with an opportunity has become increasingly blurred. At what point does opportunity end and exploitation begin? The fact is that there are no easy answers to the question 'how much is live music worth?'

On Thursday 6 February we will be bringing this debate in to an open forum, and we invite you to come and share your views. Join Bido Lito! and the Musicians’ Union in an open discussion at FACT to dissect these issues with Liverpool’s music community, aided by a selection of panellists: Matt Wanstall (Regional Officer, Musicians' Union), Craig G Pennington (Editor-in-Chief, Bido Lito!), Samuel Garlick (everisland and FIESTA BOMBARDA promoter) and a musician's representative.