The Double Negative.jpeg

We’ve invited brilliant magazine The Double Negative to be our guest programmers for Science Fiction: New Death. They are planning a series of events and screenings during the exhibition including:

23 April, 21 May and 18 June at 5.30pm
Sci-Fi Book Club
The Garden by LEAF at FACT
A monthly Science Fiction themed Book Club starting with The Death of Grass by
John Christopher with future books chosen by the audience members.

5 May / 8.30pm
Alphaville (12A)
Perhaps the first, and only, pop-art sci-fi film. Jean-Luc Goddard's Alphaville offers a wonderfully stylised glimpse into a dystopin future. 

26 May / 8.30pm
Primer (12A)
Experimental, philosophical and complex, this science fiction drama about the accidental discover of time travel was written and directed by mathematician and engineer Shane Carruth (Upstream Colour)

They will be hosting a special event at FACT for Light Night. Keep an eye out for more details soon!