Psychfest Shorts: Too Much is Never Enough

Wednesday 6 September / 7.30pm / The Box / FREE, booking required


A short film programme curated by Lesley Taker (approx. 63 mins): 


Inspired by the themes of excess and overwhelming sensory experiences which run throughout this year's festival, this collection of artist-made shorts take a slightly different approach to the two psychedelic planes. The first is one of textural opulence and fantastic excess: the typical acid-infused, technicolour romp of confusion we traditionally associate with ideas of psychedelia. Although this contemporary interpretation is dominated by a more feminine exploration of these extremes: female bodies, mouths, hands and voices (varying from whispers to screams) dominate. The other is of silent sparseness - a blank space where nothingness becomes overwhelming and where one might journey back into a state of hyperawareness. Think of the abandoned wildernesses of Jodorowsky, the desert-bound chilli-trip scene in The Simpsons, the sensory deprivation tanks in Altered States. 


The films explore elements of these two psychedelic states, moving from noise to stillness, from retina-searing colour and fractured light to uncannily perfect pastels, greys and whites. Narratives unfold across familiar and unknowable spaces: from the natural world to unpopulated rooms, or backdrops which spring entirely from the digital realm. The textural obsession which weaves throughout these works moves from sensual and visual excesses to perfect planes of oblivion, creating uncanny leaps in how we physically experience the shifting states before us. 


Artists include: Rachel Maclean, Sophia Al Maria, Laure Provost and Agnieska Polska, amongst others. 


Running order: 

  1. Sophia Al Maria: The Magical State,  2016 (6.14 mins)
  2. Rachel Maclean: Over the Rainbow [excerpt], 2013 (2.23 mins)
  3. Laure Provost: Swallow, 2011 (12.06 mins)
  4. Lotte Meret Effinger: Surface Glaze, 2015  (8 mins)
  5. Agnieska Polska: I Am the Mouth, 2014(29 mins)
  6. Sophia Al Maria: The Watcher #1, 2014 (6 mins) 

Event times

This event is no longer running.