Prototype Summer Camp: Vlog like no-one is watching (8 - 10 years)

Tuesday 7 August - Thursday 9 August  / 8 - 10 years / 10am - 3pm / £65.27 (inc booking fee)


Our Prototype Camps offer young people a range of digital and creative skills. Some people dance like no-one is watching, can you vlog like no-one is watching? This summer at Prototype you will be challenged to perform as yourself. Can you perform as the real you? You will create 360 VR films inspired by the amazing Ages varda, that show everyday life for teenagers in Liverpool as it really is, not as an act. You will work as a team to select locations around FACT, write scripts, set scenes, perform, film and edit VR films.

You will learn:

- VR film making techniques

- What makes good VR films

- How we create who we are online

- How to stay safe online

Limited spaces are available free of charge for families of children eligible for free school meals. Participants aged 11 and over have will also have the chance to gain a Bronze Arts Award by attending an additional day (Friday) at no extra cost.


For more information about this or to make an enquiry, please contact [email protected].

Event times

This event is no longer running.