Prototype Summer Camp Survival kit: How to take control of your own data (11 to 15 yrs)

Tuesday 1 - Thursday 3 August and Tuesday 15 - Thursday 17 August / 9.30am - 3pm / £60 per child


FACT is looking for young detectives, hackers and futurologists to explore how we can survive a future world ruled by whoever collects the most information about everyone else.


Ever wondered how stop other people finding out your private information and how to find out the things you want to know? Data is the trail of information we leave behind when we go on the internet, walk past security cameras or pass sensors hidden all around us. Prototype Summer School challenges you to work as a team to explore the future of data.


You will make and test inventions that respond to things happening on the internet and then use them to spark your imagination, to create stories and make films about future worlds.


Rules for your future is the name for the programme of all our holiday camps combined. Learning experiences aimed to promote critical thinking and creative use of technology.  


Participants in each camp will produce a survival kit about data and security, 3D printing, social media… including easy protocols and activities for parents, teachers or educators. During this camp we will work on “Instructions for the future of E-safety”.  


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